How to Fill APF Form | Nepal Sashastra Police Form

Armed Police Force (APF) Application Form, Nepal

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Ke Kasari

Armed Police Force (APF) Nepal Application Form Requirements and Steps;

The Armed Police Force – APF Nepal has been announcing manual vacancy till the date of this blog guidelines. If in the future APF has updated into online application form then, Ke Kasari will also update its own blog with the time. Today Ke Kasari will provide information and guidelines for fill up APF application form i.e. manually.

Before starting the blog you should download and print the APF Application Form by given link [ Click Here ]. And have to read the minimum requirements for APF Nepal for your approval application form as soon as possible. After study all minimum requirements of Nepal Sashastra Police, you should follow below-mentioned steps;

Step 1: For a Post Details (follow the numbers);

  1. Stick a Nepal’s Postal Ticket of Rs. 10.
  2. Stick a Passport Size (PP) photo.
  3. Write a post’s advertisement number given in the vacancy notice that the post or designation you want to apply for.
  4. Write a designation that you want to apply for.
  5. Write a designation group.
  6. Write a designation’s category and level.
  7. If you have registered in the Inclusion Group and want to the competition under that Inclusion Group then, Choose your group.
  8. Write a designation’s service.
  9. Write an exam center where do you want.

Step 2: For Personal Details (Follow the Numbers);

  1. The applicant full name in Devnagari (Nepali)
  2. The applicant full name in English (Block Letter).
  3. Nepali Citizenship number.
  4. Citizenship issuance district.
  5. Citizenship issuance date.
  6. District name based on a permanent address.
  7. Metropolitan/Sub-Metropolitan/Municipality/Sub-Municipality/Rural Municipal Name.
  8. The ward number.
  9. Tole Name.
  10. Street Name.
  11. Phone Number.
  12. Postal Address.
  13. E-mail address.
  14. Father’s Name (Full).
  15. Mother’s Name (Full).
  16. Grandfather’s Name (Full).
  17. Spouse Name (Full).
  18. Date of Birth (DOB) in B.S.
  19. Date of Birth (DOB) in A.D.
  20. Currently Age.

Step 3: For Educational Qualification Details (Follow the Numbers);

  1. Minimum academic qualification’s University or Board name.
  2. Degree of educational or training qualification.
  3. Minimum qualification’s faculty.
  4. Category or Division and Percentage.
  5. Major Subjects.

Step 4: For Experience Details (Follow the Numbers);

  1. Organization/Company’s Name.
  2. Designation.
  3. Service/Group/Sub-Group (optional)
  4. Permanent/Temporary/Contract (Select one).
  5. Working Date from starting to end.
  6. Reason for resignation (If you resigned).
  7. Leave date from to (If Abnormal leave case).

Step 5: Agreement for filled own all information (Follow the numbers);

  1. Thumb Stamp for the right hand.
  2. Thum Stamp for the left hand.
  3. Applicant Signature.
  4. The date of the Submitted ApplicationNote: Red Boxes are for APF office.

Ke Kasari has provided this blog for educational purposes to all beginners, who are confused for fill up Armed Police Force (APF) Application Form.

If you like and suggest this post please feedback to Ke Kasari feel free.

For Video Tutorial, a link embedded below; Video Souce: Aayog Jankari

Thank you for your valuable time.

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