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Process of PSC-Loksewa Online Application Form in Nepal

The PSC stands for “Public Service Commission ” in Nepali “Loksewa Aayog Karyalaya”. The PSC is established on 15 June 1951 A.D. (1 Ashadh 2008 B.S.). The PSC is playing the role of the HR Depart for the government organization. Where the elimination process is by three different stages; Written, Practical, and Interview. Those stages will happen after fill-up PSC Online Application Form completion. So, here we have to tutorial blog for How to Fill PSC-Loksewa Online Application Form step by step processes;

Before start the tutor of Fill PSC Online Form, we need some important Requirements for Create and Apply for PSC Online Form which is as follow;

Requirements for Create, Fill and Applying PSC – Loksewa Online Application Form;

After back-up of the above requirements, we/you should follow the below steps;

Step 1: To Create PSC – Loksewa User Account – ID

This is the first and a key step to open the door of PSC Dashboard. In this create PSC or Loksewa user account step have required to follow given Keys;


psc user sign up

Open your internet browsers like as; Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Yandex, Torch, etc.

Enter the PSC Online Official Portal URL: in Search Bar of Browser.

After visiting, Click on Sign UP Button for New User

PSC Online Page
Image Source: PSC Nepal

After clicking on Sign Up Button, you have to screen of form fill up Portal. Where you input your Personal Details required by boxes;

After filling up all data, Click on Save Button.

Now, If you are confirmed to Submit then, click on “Yes I want to Submit” Button otherwise click on “No I don’t want to Submit”.

After clicking on Yes I want to Submit then, you have to show User Name and One Time Password on Top Right Corner

Login and change password with security questions;

Now, again visit the Login page by URL: At this time fill up user name and password (one-time password i.e. nepal123) and Click on Sign In Button.

After Click on Sign In Button, you have to screened by Fill up New Password and Save it.

After saving a password, you have to Password Reminder questions and their answers are mandatory because of recovering the forgotten passwords.

Click on Save Button and complete the Applicant Log In Page. And complete Step 1 and time to Step 2.

You should follow the embedded tutorial video. Video source: Aayog Jankari

Step 2: Update Attachment with details in PSC – Loksewa Online Application Form

After creating PSC User Account we need to attach our documents; Citizenship, Signature, PP Size Photo, Academic, Inclusion Certificate, Training and Experience Documents, etc. So, in this step, we provide those kinds of pieces of information possibly.


psc dashboard

After Step 1 you have to Log in and you displayed the main Dashboard of PSC Online Form where there you have to see the recent announcement of total vacancies. but you do nothing on this board (Dashboard) just click on Next or Personal Tab.

psc personal tab

You have to see your own personal details i.e. entered Crete User Account of PSC which is not to be editable. So, at the time of creating a user account is very careful to entry. Click on Extra Tab or Next Button on the below corner of your page.

psc extra tab

You have to see your own extra personal details which are partially editable if you need too. When you edit your own extra personal detail then don’t forget to click on Update Extra Details otherwise click on Contact Tab or Next button.

psc contact tab

Now you on contact details which are also partially editable if you need too. And click on Education Tab or Next button.

psc education tab

Now Click on [+ Add New Details ] for upload your academic documents.

After click on [+ Add New Details ] displayed portal or POP UP Box to fill up Academic details.

And upload related academic documents by click on Upload or Replace Button.

Now click on Choose(1) Button to upload documents, then select your PDF formatted documents and now click on Upload(2) for uploading. if you want to cancel then click on Cancel.

After uploading your documents, you have to show a row by details.

Where there, if you want to edit details then just click on Edit and if you want to delete details then click on Delete Button. After finished your documents upload, then click on Next or Training Tab.

psc training tab

Here, again click on [ + Add New Details ]

and also fill up details and upload documents as the previous method and save it. And, Click on Next or Professional Council.

psc medical professional council tab

Again fill up Medical Professional Council details if you are related field as the previous method.

Otherwise, click on Next or Experience Tab.

psc experience tab

If you have experience of work then, choose a part of a government or non-government by a given page otherwise click on Next or Upload tab.

if you have government experience then click on it then fill up required data and Save it;

Or you are a non-government employee then, fill up required data by clicking on Add non-government Details and Save it;

After Saving or click on Next to Upload Tab.

psc upload tab

Here you should upload your own PP size Photo, Signature, Citizenship Card, Inclusion Group Certificate, and Experience Letter in related Upload or Replace Button.

After Uploading your documents in the related fields then, click on Next or Preview Tab.

psc preview tab

In this Page for Preview your form like as;

Now you have to complete Step 2 to fill up PSC Online Form, the next step is to submit a form for PSC vacancies.

You should follow the embedded tutorial video. Video source: Aayog Jankari

Step 3; Submit an Application Form in PSC.

After input your own all details with attachment, you can apply on a vacancy by following the keys of step 3 below;


psc submit tab

Here you need to click on Submit Tab.

Then, Choose a Service, and Class then click on Search by Service and Class if you know that otherwise click on view all vacancies.

Now, you have displayed all vacancies with details. You should choose a Position based on your academic qualification and click on its Advertisement Code.

After clicking on the Advertisement Code you have to confirm by doing Mark/Check on CheckBox then, click on the Process button.

After clicking on the Process, you have to choose your own minimum qualification or not and Faculty with Major subjects.

Now, choose one Exam Center that you want. Then, do mark on I have read understand and agree to the terms and conditions of PSC” and, click on the Submit button and click on the “Yes I want to Submit” for Submission and click Next Payment Step.

You should follow the tutorial video for it. Video source: Aayog Jankari

Step 4; Payment Method of PSC Nepal;

After completing all the steps, you have to pay your application fee to get approval and admit card of PSC. So, follow the below link to pay Loksewa fee online easily.

Link: How to Pay Loksewa Fee Online

Step 5; Print or Get PSC Admit Card;

After approving of PSC application, you need to print your Admit Card for examination to carry with you. So, if you do not have any idea for it then follow the below links to get psc Loksewa Admit Card easily.

Link: How to Print PSC or Loksewa Admit Card

Now success to all the steps.

Guys, It’s all steps to follow to apply or fill up PSC online application form in Nepal. I hope that it helps you to fill the PSC online application form. If you have any curiosity about it then, feel free with a contact or comment box.

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