How to Fill Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag Online Form

Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag – NIDEPT

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Ke Kasari

National Investigation Department – NIDEPT (Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag)

In Nepal Investigation Department (NIDEPT) is know as Rastirya Anusandhan Bibhag in Nepali. Where is collect data for the crime in various fields like financial crime, religious crime, cultural crime, etc. In NIDEP, those kinds of tasks are completed by manpower is known as an employee. For employees fulfill by the vacancy. So, after done announcing vacancies, it needs guidelines about how to fill the National Investigation Department or Rashtriya Anusandhan Bibhag online application form. It’s tutorial about online form fill up step by step;


It’s a requirement step where you need to collect your own documents for applying online application form of Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag. The minimum requirements for Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag are linked [Here]


Create a new user in NIDEPT;

After collecting all your own documents and payment voucher then you have to process for step 2 of below;

  1. Open an Internet Browser.
  2. Visit URL of NIDEPT by
  3. Click on Career Menu.Ke Kasari
  4. Click on “Darkhast Faram Bharnuhos”. Ke Kasari
  5. Now Full up your own details to create a new account and click on Register if you are a new user and fill up our Full Name, email address, mobile number and strong password contain minimum 1 number, 1 capital letter and 1 special character like $%^&, etc.Ke Kasari otherwise click on Login.

Fill up Personal Details;

To fill up personal and all details please follow the key of pictures;

  1. Advertisement Number (which is in the notice).
  2. Choose Position (Designation).
  3. Choose Service.Ke Kasari
  4. Category and Level.
  5. Choose Exam Center.
  6. Group.
  7. Applicant’s Full Name in Devanagiri.
  8. Full Name in English.
  9. Permanent Address; District.
  10. Metropolitan, Sub-Metropolitan, Municipality, Rural Municipality (Permanent).Ke Kasari
  11. Ward No. (Permanent).
  12. Tole (Permanent).
  13. Phone No.- Optional.
  14. Mobile Number.
  15. Postal Address.
  16. email address.
  17. Father’s Name.
  18. Mother’s Name.
  19. Father/Mother’s Nationality.
  20. Grandfather’s Name.
  21. Grandfather’s nationality.
  22. Marital Status (If married then please fill up your spouse’s full name and nationality).Ke Kasari
  23. Applicant’s Date of Birth in B.S.
  24. Date of Birth in A.D.
  25. Current Age.
  26. Citizenship ID Number.
  27. Citizenship Issuance District.
  28. Choose Gender.
  29. Religion.
  30. Mother language.
  31. Identity Mark (Huliya).
  32. Next (After filling up all data).

Fill up educational detail;

Please follow the number of keys to fill up details in form;

  1. School/College Name.
  2. Choose your Degree.
  3. Passed Year.
  4. Division or Grade.Ke Kasari
  5. Percentage or GPA.
  6. Major Subjects.
  7. Next after filling up details.

Fill up training details (Optional);

To fill up training details, follow the number of keys;

  1. Name of Trainee Organization.
  2. Certificate Name and Kinds.
  3. Taken Year.
  4. Duration of training.Ke Kasari
  5. Subject.
  6. Remarks (optional).
  7. Next for Experience Details.

fill up experience details (Optional);

For experience details, follow the number of keys;

  1. Organization’s Name.
  2. The designation you worked.
  3. Service, group of your job.
  4. Category and level of your job.
  5. Choose a type of job.
  6. Joining date.Ke Kasari
  7. Resign date (if done).
  8. Ending Date(if contract).
  9. Your Duties and responsibilities on the related post.
  10. Next to the documents page.

upload documents details;

This is a final stage to fill up a form of Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag, It required a maximum of 300 KB size of documents, so let’s follow the number of keys;

  1. Click on Browse to upload PP size photo.
  2. Inclusion Group Certificate.
  3. Citizenship Card.
  4. Signature.Ke Kasari
  5. Bank Voucher.
  6. Marksheet (minimum requirement).
  7. Characteristics Certificate.
  8. Add Documents like training certificate, experience certificate, etc.
  9. Next to Submit Application Form.

Note: Browse is for Upload files, Cancel for Cancel files and Remove for Delete files.

for review and edit form details;

After Submit a form, if you have any fault or need to edit your data then, you have to do it in these steps;

  1. For submit another form.
  2. To edit the submitted form.
  3. Preview the submitted form.Ke Kasari

Now, success to fill up the National Investigation Department (Rastriya Anusandhan Bibhag) Online Application Form easily. If you have any questions about it then, please feel free to comment below.

Thank you for your valuable time. Meet my next blogs.

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  1. Respected sir/madam.. payment is not describe in there vacancy please told me how much money should pay for the application.

    1. After uploading your documents and you click on next then, your submission is auto-generated. So don’t worry, if we have any further notice then, we will provide to you through this comment section thank you.

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